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Noun1.California wine - any of various wines produced in CaliforniaCalifornia wine - any of various wines produced in California
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
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The name Pioneer was selected as a reference to the pioneers of the co-operative movement; and the bear label because it references the Californian wine, as the bear appears on the state's flag.
Even when concentrating on less fashionable inland areas like Lodi - as I do here - Californian wine is seldom cheap but this rich and mellow red fully justifies breaking through the usual PS6 price barrier.
Retailers may be forced to turn to Europe for more of their own-label wine as the price of Californian wine rises.
Californian wine company ONEHOPE donates 50% of its profits to social causes.
In 1966, aged 53, Mondavi founded the winery in Napa Valley that became so instrumental in helping Californian wine earn the high regard it enjoys today.
Suntory to recall 17,400 bottles of Californian wine
In the US he is credited as the father of the Californian wine industry and he has an inextricable link with food.
Swedish mobile computers maker JLT Mobile Computers AB said on Tuesday (4 November) that it had received a contract for vehicle-based computers from the Californian wine producer E&J Gallo Winery.
The deal is the British group's second acquisition in the wine sector inside a week following Allied Domecq's announcement that it had acquired the Californian wine producer Buena Vista for a total of 85 million dollar (Euro 100 million).
This year National BBQ Week 2001 will, in conjunction with its major sponsors: Bar-B-Bar BBQ Sauces, Sainsbury's, British Meat, Dalepak BBQ Burgers, Garnet Californian Wine, Lanmann Grills, Autan Insect Repellant, foodlink, Bar-Be Quick Disposable BBQ's and Chessington World of Adventures & Thorpe Park, be offering competitions, prizes, activities and events which will run throughout the summer.
This Californian wine is light and fruity, with a very pleasant fragance of cherries and a smooth and mellow flavour and no bitter after-taste.
will create one stronger company, leveraging the F&B, logistical and distribution framework already established in China, with the solid foundation of the Californian wine industry that California Grapes International has already established.

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