Call an ambulance

Call an ambulance   
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We call on people not to call an ambulance unless there is a real emergency", Sultan said.
It can be difficult to know when to call an ambulance and when to take your child to A&E yourself.
When people call an ambulance when one is not required it means our precious time is being taken away from someone who really does need our help.
We therefore make the following recommendation: the Governor of Long Lartin should ensure that in the event of a hostage incident, staff call an ambulance immediately if there is any indication that a prisoner has been, or could be, injured.
I asked if he could call an ambulance for me and he did, describing every detail of where we were.
The owner of the house requested police to call an ambulance for a woman who was inside the house.
You do not always need to call an ambulance because people with epilepsy do not need to go to hospital after every seizure.
Tiffanie Dixon said she tried to call an ambulance on her mobile phone when she found the singer on the bathroom floor of her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA.
The inquest heard that Metro duty manager Brett Cousins and his supervisor Paul Bearfoot called British Transport Police when they were alerted to the crash by driver Sherman Porter - but did not call an ambulance.
Assuming it's a heart attack, the guards call an ambulance.
He said many people seem to call an ambulance not because their situation is life-threatening, but because they know how quickly crews will arrive.
This refers to what people should look out for ( a sudden onset of weakness in the face, arms and speech, and if this occurs call an ambulance.