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 (kə-yä′ō, kä-you′)
A city of west-central Peru on the Pacific Ocean near Lima. Founded in 1537, it is Peru's largest port.


(Spanish kaˈʎao)
(Placename) a port in W Peru, near Lima, on Callao Bay: chief import centre of Peru. Pop: 813 264 (2005 est)



a seaport in W Peru, near Lima. 560,000.
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On Monday, the police located Alexander in the front of a building in the seaside district of Callao, Peru.
Limited supplies continued putting pressure on bunker prices in Callao, Peru and Guayaquil last week.
In the eastern Pacific, Fistularia cometa occurs as far north as Huntington Beach, southern California (Curtis and Herbinson 2001) and southwards to Callao, Peru (Chirichigno and Velez 1998), including the Gulf of California (Fischer et al.
En el virreinato septentrional, el capital comercial se habia convertido en el motor de una economia que expandio sus lazos a las regiones mas distantes del virreinato, asi como a otros espacios del Imperio, tales como las Antillas, Guatemala, el Callao, Peru y Filipinas.
Scotsman Alexander Robertson and his pirates hijacked the Liverpool brig, Peruvian, in Callao, Peru.
After leaving Genoa, Albano and Giovanni settle in Callao, Peru, the main port city near Lima, where they slowly create a new life with the help of other Italian immigrants.
Instituto del Mar del Peru, esquina Gamarra y General Valle S/N Chucuito, Callao, Peru.
COURT DATE Michaella Connolly and Michelle Reid in Callao, Peru, yesterday
1) aboratorio de Cultivos Marinos, Instituto del Mar del Peru Esquina Gamarra y General Valle s/n, Chucuito, Callao, Peru
Like-for-like figures exclude the contribution of volumes from new or expanded terminals in Callao, Peru, which became operational in 2010, Qingdao, China which expanded significantly in July 2011, and Suriname, which joined the group in August 2011.