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 (kăl′əs, kä′ləs), Maria Originally Maria Anna Sophia Cecilia Kalogeropoulos. 1923-1977.
American soprano known for her technical capacity and dramatic intensity. Among her notable operatic roles was the title role in Bellini's Norma.


(Biography) Maria, real name Maria Anna Cecilia Kalageropoulos. 1923–77, Greek operatic soprano, born in the US


(ˈkæl əs)

Maria Meneghini, 1923–77, U.S. operatic soprano.
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Noun1.Callas - Greek coloratura soprano (born in the United States) known for her dramatic intensity in operatic roles (1923-1977)Callas - Greek coloratura soprano (born in the United States) known for her dramatic intensity in operatic roles (1923-1977)
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FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI, the director who brought TV audiences the miniseries Jesus of Nazareth and movie audiences Mel Gibson as the Sweet Prince in Hamlet and last year's Tea with Mussolini, has rocketed to new depths with this butchering of singer Maria Callas in Callas Forever.
After spending a year starring in Callas Master Class, Fanny Ardent is the obvious choice to play the titular diva and, while the portrayal has been somewhat airbrushed (legendarily difficult and prone to volcanic tantrums she's now a relative pussycat), the performance is consummate, full of passion and sadness.
The singer, a keen collector of antique jewellery, has been poring over a Sotheby's catalogue of the Callas collection, which will go under the hammer in Switzerland later this year.
They're followed by Asiatic lilies, which unfurl star-shaped flowers, and by calla hybrids, whose blooms look like fluted cups.
Callas Shortridge Architects has an important lineage.
The bookies favourite had been Jeff Greenhalgh's Paul McCartney at 6-4 with Nicola's Maria Callas at 11-4.
There is obviously enough interest in Callas on the part of the book-buying public to warrant all of this publishing activity.
There's little chance that the lander could ever conduct scientific observations, says Callas.
Israel Callas Chu propose a chain of sheltered spaces, individuated within a primary topographic form and opening about a re-presentation of the traditional village square.
Regarding the new role for Callas, Schmidt-Vogel said as Director of Creative she will be responsible for leading MediaCom's creative approach to media communication throughout the world.
Callas was born on 2 December 1923, in New York and made her debut in Boccaccio for the Royal Opera of Athens, and took her first major role in Tosca.
We used burgundy callas - a sleek architectural flower that comes in many different colours from pink, red, orange and yellow through to green and white.