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n.1.A kind of head covering; a caul.
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As he was turning into the Calle de Santiago in Madrid, which is rather narrow, one of the alcaldes of the Court, with two alguacils before him, was coming out of it, and as soon as my good squire saw him he wheeled his mule about and made as if he would turn and accompany him.
In a valle south of Berkeley Sound, which some of our party calle the "great valley of fragments," it was necessary to cros an uninterrupted band half a mile wide, by jumping fro one pointed stone to another.
And what better place to debut this passion and my first CD than in my home town and in the nation's largest Hispanic street festival, Calle Ocho.
During her successful tenure at Crate and Barrel, Calle re-invigorated the brand and crafted a strategy to reverse seven years of decline in comparable store sales.
Calle 13's "Multiviral'' will compete for album of the year; "Respira El Momento'' and "Ojos Color Sol'' are up for song and record of the year.
46) Calle 13 addressed a similar theme in its 2010 song Baile de los Pobres (Dance of the Poor): (47)
Calle asked staff from the institutions where the artworks were taken to draw on their unique memories and describe the missing images.
Holiday Inn Madrid Calle Alcala will open in April 2013, following a conversion from a Velada hotel and will operate under a franchise agreement with Rentas Hoteleras Socimi S.
Continue to Calle de San Vicente, then go right to the rival church of Iglesia San Vicente; step inside to sample the stunning light cast by the stained glass.
Tryp Arenal is a cosy three-star option in the Casco Viejo at Calle Los Fueros 2; doubles from 77 euros, room only (00 34 94 415 3100; solmelia.
William Calle has also been named a licensed real estate salesperson, specializing in sales and rentals on the Upper West Side.
Address: Carreta 7 #67-64 (entrance on Calle 68); Tel: (571) 211-1400; Web: astridygastonbogota.