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Any of various shrubs of the genus Callicarpa cultivated for their axillary clusters of glossy, usually violet or purple berries.
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For highly unusual coloured berries, Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion wins the prize.
Snowberry For highly unusual coloured berries, Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion wins the prize.
lutea Small Grass-tree Apiaceae Centella cordifolia Centella Platysace heterophylla Heathy Platysace Xanthosia dissecta Cut-leaf Xanthosia Xanthosia tridentata Hill Xanthosia Apocynaceae Parsonsia brownii Twining Silkpod Araliaceae * Hedera helix English Ivy Hydrocotyle callicarpa Small Pennywort Hydrocotyle foveolata Yellow Pennywort Hydrocotyle hirta Hairy Pennywort Polyscias sambucifolius subsp.
The beautyberry, Callicarpa profusion, lives up to its common name and produces large clusters of violet bead-like berries on bare branches that last well into winter.
Gardens are displaying a variety of autumn berries including callicarpa, clerodendrum, pyracantha and honeysuckle.
Callicarpa japonica, Japanese beautyberry, about 1845 (KN:36; Sargent 1922) AA1879; 2nd trip seed.
Especies caracteristicas: absolutamente estrictas: Bonnetia cubensis, Ravenia ekmanii, Laplacea moensis, Lyonia lippoldii, Calycogonium grisebachii, Vernonia segregata, Callicarpa oblanceolata, Hedyosmum nutans, Euphorbia munizii, Votomita monantha, Plinia baracoensis, Ternstroemia moaensis y Dendrophthora tetrastachya; favorablemente asociadas: Coccoloba shaferi y Byrsonima biflora.
black cherry Prunus serotina, American beautyberry Callicarpa americana, hackberry Celtis occidentalis, blueberry Vaccinium spp.
1 III Herbaceous layer Callicarpa oblanceolata -- 1 V Psychotria grandis -- 1 V Phaius tankervilliae -- 1 IV Palicourea alpina -- 1 IV Hedyosmun grisebachii -- 1 IV Meriania leucantha var.
Shrubs that will capture attention with their unusual and eye-catching berries are the Callicarpa bodinieri var.