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Affected birds N Probable cause of death 1-we-o Callipepla chicks 09 Starvation 1-we-o Leiothrix chicks 03 Starvation Callipepla californica # 04 Secondary to Eucoleus contortus parasitism Callipepla californica # 01 Fatal acute toxoplasmosis Leiothrix lutea 01 Gizzard obstruction, Acuaria spiralis Leiothrix lutea 02 Multiple weakness, aged birds Leiothrix lutea 01 Hypothermia, aged bird Callipepla californica 02 Egg-binding Tauraco Livingstonii 01 Predation Leiothrix lutea 01 Anaphylaxis, Hemiptera sting Leiothrix lutea 01 Conspecific traumatism Polyplectron 01 Intestinal obstruction bicalcaratum # Polyplectron emphanum # 01 Aspiration pneumonia # newly acquired.
The referral of this material to Callipepla californica and not C.