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Noun1.Callisaurus - zebra-tailed lizardCallisaurus - zebra-tailed lizard      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Callisaurus draconoides, gridiron-tailed lizard, zebra-tailed lizard - swift lizard with long black-banded tail and long legs; of deserts of United States and Mexico
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Within Phrynosomatinae are the genera Callisaurus, Cophosaurus, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, and Uma, and within Sceloporinae are Petrosaurus, Sceloporus, Urosaurus, and Uta.
A field study of the effects of incline on the escape locomotion of a bipedal lizard, Callisaurus draconoides.
However, Irschick and Jayne (1999) observed no correlation between trunk angles and bipedal running in Callisaurus draconoides.
Lunenburg's team was sponsored by Tim and Sheila Richards of the Orchard Hills Athletic Club and spelled abysmal, acacia, academia, academic, accelerate, accessible, acumen, adagio, adenoidal, amphoteric, and callisaurus correctly until bumping up against chelate.
Other North American lizard hosts include Callisaurus draconoides, Cnemidophorus hyperythrus, C.
Atractis penneri is widespread and has been reported in lizards of the genera Callisaurus, Crotaphytus, Gambelia, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, Sceloporus, Uma and Uta occurring from the western United States, northern Mexico and Baja California (Baker 1987).
The behavior of ten Callisaurus draconoides in a 20 [m.
Effects of incline on acceleration, body posture, and hindlimb kinematics in two species of lizard, Callisaurus draconoides and Uma scoparia.