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adj. calm·er, calm·est
1. Nearly or completely motionless; undisturbed: the calm surface of the lake.
2. Not excited or agitated; composed: The president was calm throughout the global crisis.
a. An absence or cessation of motion; stillness.
b. A condition of no wind or a wind with a speed of less than 1 knot (1.15 miles per hour; 1.9 kilometers per hour), according to the Beaufort scale.
2. Tranquility or serenity: "an unaccustomed reticence that I took to be the calm that follows rage" (Jeanne Marie Laskas).
tr. & intr.v. calmed, calm·ing, calms
To make or become calm or quiet: A warm bath will calm you. After the storm, the air calmed.

[Middle English calme, from Old French, from Old Italian calmo, from Late Latin cauma, heat of the day, resting place in the heat of the day, from Greek kauma, burning heat, from kaiein, to burn. N., from Middle English calme, from Italian calma, from Vulgar Latin *calma, from Late Latin.]

calm′ly adv.
calm′ness n.
Synonyms: calm, peaceful, placid, serene, tranquil
These adjectives denote absence of excitement or disturbance: calm acceptance of the inevitable; a peaceful hike through the scenic hills; a soothing, placid temperament; spent a serene, restful weekend at the lake; hoped for a more tranquil life in the country. See Also Synonyms at cool.
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In both Seinfeld and Calma, the Court acknowledged that a ratification defense would have been available if shareholders had been asked to approve a plan with "meaningful" limits, including "specific ceilings" based on the participant's specific position held and services performed.
Given that the topic at hand in Calma was compensation awarded to directors by directors, the case for self-interest was fairly easy for the plaintiffs to make.
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Spinning Wheels (cikrik) sendromu, koroner subklavyen calma sendromunun degisik bir formu olarak farkli anatomik gorunumlerde karsimiza cikabilir.
Calma - Heather Jensen and Edgar Calma, of Veneta, a daughter.
Specialist JanMichael Calma, Team Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Washington received best exhibit in show, culinary showpiece.
The unmet needs in Sindh are a tragedy waiting to happen," says Allan Calma, CWS-P/A's Deputy Director of the Disaster Management Program.
2 penalties ahead of Marina Kohncke, who is bidding to become Germany's first Badminton champion on Calma Schelly.
For the Australian context, chapters by Tom Calma and Marcia Langton situate Indigenous perspectives on communal land tenure within the broader policy setting.
Their portfolio of clients includes Roca Baaio, lighting companies such as Estiluz, Blauet and Metalarte and furniture firms such as Calma, Concepta and Arazzo.
Some are nationally prominent names such as Mick Dodson, Jackie Huggins, Warren Mundine, Larissa Behrendt and Tom Calma, while others are regionally and locally prominent.
Melbourne, Jan 15 (ANI): Aboriginal Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma has said that there is "inherent racism" in Australia and that this attitude must change.