Calor Gas

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Calor Gas

(Elements & Compounds) trademark butane gas liquefied under pressure in portable containers for domestic use

Calor gas

® [ˈkæləˌgæs] N (Brit) → butano m

Calor Gas®

nButangas nt

Calor Gas

® [ˈkæləˌgæs] n (Brit) → liquigas ® m
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Calor Gas, in Port Clarence, aims to raise more than PS1,000 for the Alzheimer's Society when it takes to the 34-mile Challenge ride route in the Virgin Money Cyclone Festival of Cycling.
A potential disaster was averted when wind blew flames away from nearby Calor gas tanks.
A survey by Calor survey by Calor Gas portable heaters found 24 per cent of people questioned found cold tootsies a real turn-off when looking for love.
Calor Gas offers the following safety precautions to keep you safe when camping: 1.
Partners in the week of action across West Yorkshire included Network Rail, Calor Gas and Customs officers.
A CHEQUE for PS250 was presented by Calor customer operations centre manager Andrew Jenkins to Sharon Gosney from Kids Cancer Charity on behalf of Calor Gas Ltd in Aberdulais, Neath.
The present owner has undertaken many improvements and modernisation in recent years, yet has paid particular attention to retain much of the character of the cottage, with the added benefit of calor gas central heating.
Anna Sadler, Calor Gas Limited; Graham Jacks, Lynne Humphreys, both RMD Kwikform.
David Dixon Garden Machinery Centre in Hexham was established in 1996 and sells a large range of garden machinery, equipment, tools, chainsaws, Calor gas, water fittings and parts.
Live ski jumping Eurosport 2, 9am THERE'S nothing more cosy than sitting in front of a glowing Calor Gas fire on Christmas Eve, sipping a glass of sherry and watching the Alpine World Cup of ski jumping, writes James Milton.
By looking on the internet, I was able to check the prices of other LPG suppliers and found that Calor Gas would cost only 47.