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n. pl. Calusa or Ca·lu·sas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys. The Calusa were extinct by the mid-1700s.
2. The extinct language of the Calusa, of unknown linguistic affiliation.

[Calusa, fierce people (sense uncertain); perhaps akin to Choctaw kallo, strong.]
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Nearly three years ago, Achieva purchased Calusa Bank.
The project is born from the company's experience as a pioneer in the practice of taking over banks, including buying Calusa Bank in 2015, the first whole-bank takeover of a bank by a credit union in the country.
Teachers at Calusa Elementary School in Boca Raton, Florida, are committed to making sure students meet rigorous state standards.
com)-- Only 12 new homes remain for sale at Calusa Park, a peaceful gated community of 88 residences by D.
A I have many works of which I'm proud but perhaps the most would be the illustrations, jewlery making and replicas of the Calusa Indian artifacts I did for the Florida Natural History museum in Gainesville.
Widmer goes on to say that the Calusa tribe, who are mentioned specifically in Russell's novel, were known to interact with SECC groups:
For divers, it packages cruises to Tubbataha Reef, with Cagayancillo and Calusa as add-on options while for non-divers, it offers cruises bound for Pandan Island, Coron and Apo Reef.
So, off they went with the water truck, torches, and assorted gear down the service road, past the eagle protection gate to the Calusa Indian Mound trail.
Since 2009 she resided at Calusa Harbor in Fort Myers, FL.
There was a massive early plunge for Philip Hobbs's Calusa Comet from 9-2 down to 5-4, but he was usurped in the on-course market for favouritism by the winner and could only finish a neverdangerous sixth.
In fact, I understand that the Calusa Indian word for the month of June was Snooka.
Natives, as we know, can make music out of almost anything, so Songs of The Seminole Indians of Florida features songs about hunting ("Hunting Song Dance") growing corn ("Calusa Corn Dance Song", a legacy of the now extinct Calusa Nation, one of the original Florida tribes who were destroyed by Spanish Coquistadors in the 18th century and "Corn Dance Song" and songs like "The Snake Dace Song", "Bird Dance Song", and "Buffalo Dance Song"--yes, there were bison living in North & Central Florida until they too were eliminated by Europeans in the 1700's--which celebrate the Seminole & Micosukee's wild neighbors.