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n. pl. Calusa or Ca·lu·sas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys. The Calusa were extinct by the mid-1700s.
2. The extinct language of the Calusa, of unknown linguistic affiliation.

[Calusa, fierce people (sense uncertain); perhaps akin to Choctaw kallo, strong.]
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A I have many works of which I'm proud but perhaps the most would be the illustrations, jewlery making and replicas of the Calusa Indian artifacts I did for the Florida Natural History museum in Gainesville.
So, off they went with the water truck, torches, and assorted gear down the service road, past the eagle protection gate to the Calusa Indian Mound trail.
In fact, I understand that the Calusa Indian word for the month of June was Snooka.
Eyes of the Calusa" by Holly Moulder is the story of Mara, a Calusa Indian from the southwest coast of Florida, who is captured by pirates and sold into slavery.
Built atop an ancient Calusa Indian shell mound, it serves today as an inn, with six guest rooms.
Permanent exhibits, such as a life-size diorama of a Calusa Indian village, will open in 2011.
The Hermitage homestead, 100 years old next year, is on the National Register of Historic Places, yet it seems young compared to the pre-historic Calusa Indian midden buried beside it.
The museum is a treasure trove of Calusa Indian artifacts discovered in archaeological digs.
You can still clearly see trails to ancient Calusa Indian fishing camps along its shores.
Explores the Calusa Indians, early pioneers, and 1960s growth and development by DeItona Corporation.
Or that the Calusa Indians were the first to discover the charms of the area on Florida's Gulf Coast in 5,000BC?
Set at the beginning of the eighteenth century, Eyes of the Calusa is a chapter book for young adults about Mara, a young girl of Florida's native Calusa Indians, who is kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery amid the lowlands of South Carolina.