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Family of English colonists in America, including George (1580?-1632), First Baron Baltimore; his son Cecilius (1605-1675), Second Baron and recipient of the Maryland charter; another son, Leonard (1606-1647), first governor of Maryland (1634-1647); and Cecilius's son Charles (1637-1715), Third Baron and governor (1661-1675) and proprietor (1675-1689) of Maryland.


1. (Biography) Sir George, 1st Baron Baltimore. ?1580–1632, English statesman; founder of the colony of Maryland
2. (Biography) his son, Leonard. 1606–47, English statesman; first colonial governor of Maryland (1634–47)


(ˈkæl vərt)

1. Sir George (1st Baron Baltimore), c1580–1632, British founder of the colony of Maryland.
2. his son, Leonard, 1606–47, first colonial governor of Maryland 1634–47.
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