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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of trilobites characteristic of the Silurian age.
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This type, with the scientific name Calymene blumenbachii, is a famous one found in the limestones around Dudley and it became known as the "Dudley Bug".
Rock of ages: The unique antique gold brooch with the Silurian trilobite Calymene as centrepiece.
The trilobite fauna of the Ohesaare Formation includes Proetus conpersus, Calymene blumenbachii, C conspicula, C laevigata, C soervensis and Acaste dayiana (Kaljo 1970; Hints et al.
Palaeontologist Mr Colin Reid, who is also the town's museum manager, said: "The Dudley Bug, known as Calymene blumenbachii, was a sort of marine wood louse which lived 425million years ago.
The Dzvenygorod Fm represents open shelf facies conditions, as shown by the Dayia bohemica brachiopod, Calymene dnestroviana trilobite and Holacanthia socialis coral communities (all BA 3, the last one also BA 4).