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1. A city of western New Jersey on the Delaware River opposite Philadelphia.
2. A city of central South Carolina northeast of Columbia. The Battle of Camden (August 16, 1780) was a major defeat for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.


(Placename) a borough of N Greater London. Pop: 210 700 (2003 est). Area: 21 sq km (8 sq miles)


(Biography) William. 1551–1623, English antiquary and historian; author of Britannia (1586)


(ˈkæm dən)

1. a borough of Greater London, England. 184,900.
2. a port in SW New Jersey, on the Delaware River opposite Philadelphia. 82,180.
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Noun1.Camden - a city in southwestern New Jersey on the Delaware River near Philadelphia
Garden State, Jersey, New Jersey, NJ - a Mid-Atlantic state on the Atlantic; one of the original 13 colonies
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One of these commissions took him into the neighborhood of Camden Town.
The office was closed in a twinkling, and the clerk, with the long ends of his white comforter dangling below his waist (for he boasted no great-coat), went down a slide on Cornhill, at the end of a lane of boys, twenty times, in honour of its being Christmas Eve, and then ran home to Camden Town as hard as he could pelt, to play at blindman's-buff.
The time he had mentioned was more than out, and he lived in a little street near the Veterinary College at Camden Town, which was principally tenanted, as one of our clerks who lived in that direction informed me, by gentlemen students, who bought live donkeys, and made experiments on those quadrupeds in their private apartments.
Then there was General Gates, who afterward gained great renown at Saratoga, and lost it again at Camden.
Their concerns had been sunk under those of Uppercross; and when Lady Russell reverted to their former hopes and fears, and spoke her satisfaction in the house in Camden Place, which had been taken, and her regret that Mrs Clay should still be with them, Anne would have been ashamed to have it known how much more she was thinking of Lyme and Louisa Musgrove, and all her acquaintance there; how much more interesting to her was the home and the friendship of the Harvilles and Captain Benwick, than her own father's house in Camden Place, or her own sister's intimacy with Mrs Clay.
We are in Camden House, which stands opposite to our own old quarters.
Camden Farebrother, whom Lydgate went to see the next evening, lived in an old parsonage, built of stone, venerable enough to match the church which it looked out upon.
Camden Hotton, London, 1873) this view of the sentiments receives a
At Westminster School he received a permanent bent toward classical studies from the headmaster, William Camden, who was one of the greatest scholars of the time.
By the time they had left Camden Town behind, the policemen were nearly asleep; at least, they gave something like a jump as Valentin leapt erect, struck a hand on each man's shoulder, and shouted to the driver to stop.
To be sure it is,' replied Fagin; 'and you can have a few good beats chalked out in Camden Town, and Battle Bridge, and neighborhoods like that, where they're always going errands; and you can upset as many kinchins as you want, any hour in the day.
He lies concealed in a wretched lodging in Camden Town," said Heyling.