Camellia japonica

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Noun1.Camellia japonica - greenhouse shrub with glossy green leaves and showy fragrant rose-like flowersCamellia japonica - greenhouse shrub with glossy green leaves and showy fragrant rose-like flowers; cultivated in many varieties
camelia, camellia - any of several shrubs or small evergreen trees having solitary white or pink or reddish flowers
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She admires a flower (pink camellia japonica, price half-a-crown), in my button-hole.
Camellia Japonica Bonomiana with its dark green, glossy leaves and double, rose-pink flowers in late winter is a favourite of mine and looks smashing under-planted with snowdrops.
Overall the grounds are well-established with camellia japonica, Rhododendron bushes, cherry blossom trees, magnolia trees and Japanese maples creating colourful displays at different times of the year.
Proceedings begin at the Curragh, where families are entitled to free entry today, with two very tricky races and market moves could be as good as any guide to what is fancied in both, but tentative selections are given to Cole Porter in the opener and Camellia Japonica in the second race.
Revitalizing Additive - This energizing additive is made with Camellia Japonica (Rose of Winter) Seed Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids to help boost collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and boost skin's moisture content, along with the pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Neroli and Lavender .
Snowy Scene Joe Murphy 5th, 7f two-year-old maiden, Leopardstown, August 6 Notwithstanding the unfortunate Camellia Japonica unseating her rider at the Curragh on Sunday, it was a good week for Joe Murphy with his juveniles and this colt looked a possible future winner.
Moist Shade - Hostas, Ferns, Iris siberica, Hydrangea petiolaris, Brunnera macrophylla, trilliums, Camellia japonica, Mahonia aquifolium, Rubus tricolor and Sarcococca.
Camellia Japonica has many hybrids amongst which Adolph Audusson is the most popular.
4 -- color) Left: Camellia japonica 'Covina' is a good choice for sunny locations.
Camellia japonica, top left, and bamboo, above, look terrific in containers, but they need the right type of commercial compost.
50) in which Camellia Japonica and Midnight Crossing are worth including.