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A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere in the large space between Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Perseus.

[Latin camēlopardalis, camelopard; see camelopard.]
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The photo of the tiny (56" x 48"), dim (12th magnitude) planetary nebula NGC1501 in Camelopardis illustrates the point (see cover picture).
The giraffe, promptly classified by French scientists as a Giraffa camelopardis, appeared to be a sophisticated and aristocratic figure, the ideal ornament for a royal zoological park
Philip Diamond (Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories, Great Britain) and Athol Kemball (NRAO) are using the VLBA at a wavelength of 7 mm to image silicon monoxide masers in the extended atmosphere of one Mira variable, TX Camelopardis.