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n.1.A follower of the Rev. Richard Cameron, a Scotch Covenanter of the time of Charles II.
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Contractor address : The Norman Macewan Centre, 3 Cameronian Street
Paramedics were called to Cameronian Square, near the Gateshead Quays, at just before 6am yesterday.
Tickets, though PS85, are doubtless long gone but it may be worth mugging someone on the way in, an ambush at the corner of Houston Gardens and Cameronian Drive our tip for a place to launch such an attack.
1931: Freddie Fox rode Cameronian to victory in the first televised Epsom Derby.
Cameronian tea owes it brisk and full-bodied flavor to the environmental conditions of the highland itself.
Jimmy the Sergeant served two years on the front line with the Cameronian Scottish Rifles, working under fire despite being wounded three times.
A silver Peugeot 406 parked in Cameronian Square, Gateshead, was damaged when offenders tried to force open a window between 7am on Thursday and 11.
One might reread, for instance, the target of Wilberforce's dismay, The Heart of Midlothian, a text whose letters negotiate absence, whose questions cast doubt on Roman Catholicism's promises ad litteram, and whose trajectory replaces a politico-theological remainder (figured by the Cameronian David Deans) with a moderate alternative (Reuben of Beersheba, son of Benjamin--remnant names drawn nonetheless into the state-sanctioned mainstream).
60040 Cameronian ALBERT Farrow has provided Remember When with many photographs over the years but this time he has submitted an interesting account of his war years, first in the ATC (Air Training Corps), and then as a young Aircraftman.
Bellicose attitudes of Cameronian magnitudes, completely devoid of common sense.
The Brown Government is set against anything that could be seen as a half-measure, so that the Cameronian Conservatives can be derided as "do nothings".
This transposes to CAMERONIANS, the plural of CAMERONIAN, a person that holds the ecclesiastical and political doctrines of Richard Cameron and his followers who refused to recognize any civil government that did not explicitly admit that it derived its power from Jesus Christ (W3).

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