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A country of west-central Africa on the Bight of Biafra. Comprising the former French Cameroons and the southern part of British Cameroons, it became independent in 1960. Yaoundé is the capital and Douala the largest city.

Cam′e·roo′ni·an adj. & n.
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Noun1.Cameroonian - a native or inhabitant of Cameroon
Cameroun, Republic of Cameroon, Cameroon - a republic on the western coast of central Africa; was under French and British control until 1960
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
Adj.1.Cameroonian - of or relating to or characteristic of Cameroon or its people; "the Cameroonian capital"


A. ADJcamerunés, camerunense
B. Ncamerunés/esa m/f, camerunense mf
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When the Cameroonian showed up in court, he contended that the claimant fabricated the criminal case against him because he had lodged a labour lawsuit against him.
YAOUNDE (CyHAN)- Five bodies of suspected Nigerian Islamic sect Boko Haram militants were found Sunday morning after a violent exchange of fire with Cameroonian army, a military source said on Sunday.
A US Africa Command spokesman said, the United States has handed over 6 peacekeeping security vehicles to the Cameroonian armed forces to assist battle Boko Haram, a terrorist organization operating in Nigeria.
The group previously launched several attacks in Cameroon, ranging from kidnapping foreigners for ransom, assassinations, robberies, and targeting the Cameroonian military.
RIYADH: The Cameroon Embassy said that the first group of Cameroonian pilgrims who will perform Haj will arrive on Sept.
At least 19 people were killed in a suicide bombing in the northern Cameroonian town of Maroua on Saturday, a local military commander said, just three days after twin bombings there suspected to have been carried out by Boko Haram.
The Cameroonian authorities have yet to confirm the attacks, but similar incidents in the past have usually been blamed on the Boko Haram militant group, Anadolu reported.
The Cameroonian military were around 12 kilometres away and wouldn't reach them in time.
In this particular project, with the Cameroonian government and Eneo as clients, Altaaqa Global provided the power generation equipment, and took the responsibility of importing and installing the generators at the Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa) sites, while GDC supplied the gas to the rental gas power stations at both the sites.
The 16 February extraordinary session involved the six heads of state --the Cameroonian President, along with the leaders of Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Gabon, and the Central African Republic were present in Yaounde.
YAOUNDE, Cameroon, Rabi'II 28, 1436, February 17, 2015, SPA -- Suspected Boko Haram extremists attacked a Cameroonian military base near the border with Nigeria, killing at least five soldiers, an army colonel said Tuesday.
BOKO HARAM extremists have abducted about 30 people including eight Cameroonian girls and killed seven hostages in two bus hijackings in Cameroon and Nigeria, Cameroon residents and a Nigerian intelligence officer said.