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 (kə-moiNsh′) also Ca·mo·ëns (kăm′ō-ənz, kə-mō′-), Luiz Vaz de 1524?-1580.
Portuguese writer best known for Os Lusíadas (1572), an epic describing his nation's rise from obscurity to greatness.


(ˈkæməʊˌɛns) or


(Biography) Luis Vaz de (lwiʃ vɑʃ ˈdəː). 1524–80, Portuguese epic poet; author of The Lusiads (1572)


(ˈkæm oʊˌɛns)

also Ca•mões


Luis Vaz de (vɑʒ) 1524?–80, Portuguese poet.
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This collaboration is made possible with the support of Instituto Camoes and IndieLisboa.
Pour finir Paulo Motta Oliveira analyse le detachement progressif de certains auteurs portugais par rapport a leur poete epique national Camoes.
Silva's suggestion of Saramago's reference to Luis de Camoes and neo-realist Alves Redol in the framing of an epic for the age of the ordinary person recognizes that the extraordinary new qualities Saramago brought to the Portuguese literary scene lay at least in part in his ability to build on the work of his predecessors (see "Saramago e Redol"; "No Paraiso da memoria").
Before delving at length into such matters as: the ideologies of both the recipient and work selected for the 1937 Premio Camoes (but awarded in 1938); Antonio Ferro's views on Salazar's fascist politics; and the political views of the other members of the jury, it is worth looking briefly into T.
But Camoes Tam, an expert on Macao affairs and chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, said Xi does not have the final say on who is the next chief of Macao.
Ordering empire: the poetry of Camoes, Pringle and Campbell.
For this, we would like to thank Jeronimo Pizarro and Steffen Dix for their timely and felicitous proposal, the Camara Municipal de Povoa do Varzim, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Instituto Camoes and the Instituto de Ciencias Sociais for the generous additional subsidies which have made publication of this extended special issue possible.
Australia is one of few OECD countries not to have an Instituto Camoes program, which funds Portuguese language lecturers in foreign universities, including in New Zealand.
Banco Delta Asia SARL, a private banking subsidiary of the Delta Asia Financial Group chaired by Stanley Au, who is also a political adviser for Beijing, will likely be sold to a new owner or change its name if it is to continue to operate, according to Camoes Tam, an expert in cross-strait relations.
But Wilson said: "From Jon Daly's point of view it would be no use for him at his age to be sitting on the bench and making little camoes from time to time.
65) As the use of Camoes also signaled, both encounters were aristocratic achievements of epic proportions.
Borges's most frequent allusions to Portuguese literature are to Camoes and to Eca de Queiroz, by all accounts one of his (and his mother's) favorite novelists.