n.1.(Zool.) A mouse (Arvicala agrestis), called also meadow mouse, which often does great damage in fields and gardens, by feeding on roots and seeds.
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Nonetheless, the routine use of EEG was impractical because of the complexity of its parameters and operator-dependent nature for the interpretation of results DUARTE, (2006); CAMPAGNOL et al.
1976: Le terrier de la forme fouisseuse du campagnol terrestre, Arvicola terrestris scherman Shaw (Mammalia, Rodentia).
The fertilizers recommended for the fertigation of the crop were added to the waters, following the recommendations for the crop development stages described by Campagnol (2009), obtaining the treatments composed of five solutions (saline waters + fertilizer) with the respective levels of electrical conductivity [S.
Os autores agradecem a Gervasio Celito Mario, Elio Campagnol e Marta Sccoti pelo auxilio logistico na coleta de sementes e conducao do experimento, e a Miriam Fernanda Rodrigues, na realizacao da analise fisica dos substratos.
An adaptation of French stage director Claude Penchenat's 1981 performance for the Theatre du Campagnol, the highly theatrical film is, in Caniparoli's words, "a movement-oriented story, not a dance piece.
1) This play opened in Bagneux in the suburbs south of Paris, presented by the Theatre du Campagnol under the direction of Jean-Claude Penchenat, formerly of the Theatre du Soleil.
Caryotype du campagnol de neiges, Microtus nivalis (Martins), en Europe occidentale (Mammalia: Rodentia).
L'echanillonage lineaire des populations de la forme fouisseuse du Campagnol terrestre (Arvicola terrestris scherman (Shaw)).
Karina Coelho (1) Eduardo Raposo Monteiro (1, 2) * Thais Feres Bressan (1) Betania Souza Monteiro (1) Daniela Campagnol (1) Marcelo Meller Alievi (2)

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