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n.1.(Eccl.) A member of the denomination called Christians or Disciples of Christ. They themselves repudiate the term Campbellite as a nickname. See Christian, 3.
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Indeed, a prominent church historian recently suggested that current tensions within the American Southern Baptists reflect that group's contact with Stone-Campbell sacramentalism many generations ago--that the Campbellites injected a sacramental virus into the Baptists for which they have not yet developed an immunity
But, if the person had been baptized with the intent to profess an existing faith, and therefore a previous regeneration, then baptism should not be re-administered, even though the original baptism was administered by the Campbellites for the purpose of regeneration.
God and John Muir: A Psychological Interpretation of John Muir's Journey from the Campbellites to the 'Range of Light.
But while the Saintly designation set the members of the church led by the Mormon prophet apart from the Campbellites whose institutional form of restored Christianity was likewise known as the Church of Christ, many Saints thought it was not sufficiently distinctive.
He was abrasive, if not controversial, throughout his newspaper career, writing against alcohol and tobacco in a frontier town, and displaying intolerance toward Catholics, Baptists and Campbellites.
Chapter six is about Landmarkism, and chapter seven is about other controversies, including the Down Grade Controversy in England and the controversies concerning the Campbellites and concerning liberalism and fundamentalism in the United States.
Churches dominated by southerners rejected non-Baptist immersions, reflecting the tension in the mid-South between Baptists and Campbellites.
There is frequent information on the Presbyterian Church, hymnology, Old versus New School Presbyterianism, the Westminster Catechism, and varieties of popular Christianity (such as Masons, Mormons, Campbellites, and revivalism) that is rarely discussed in relation to Twain's life and writing.