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 (kăm-pē′chē, käm-pĕ′chĕ)
A city of southeast Mexico on the Bay of Campeche, a section of the Gulf of Mexico west of Yucatán. Founded in 1540, Campeche was frequently sacked by buccaneers in the 1600s.


(Spanish kamˈpetʃe)
1. (Placename) a state of SE Mexico, on the SW of the Yucatán peninsula: forestry and fishing. Capital: Campeche. Pop: 205 000 (2005 est). Area: 56 114 sq km (21 666 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port in SE Mexico, capital of Campeche state. Pop: 195 000 (2000 est)
3. (Placename) Bay of Campeche Gulf of Campeche the SW part of the Gulf of Mexico


(kɑmˈpɛ tʃɛ)

1. a state in SE Mexico, on the peninsula of Yucatán. 642,516; 19,672 sq. mi. (50,950 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state. 151,805.
3. Gulf of, the SW part of the Gulf of Mexico.
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Noun1.Campeche - a Mexican city on the Bay of Campeche
Campeche - a Mexican state on the eastern part of the Gulf of Campeche
2.Campeche - a Mexican state on the eastern part of the Gulf of Campeche
Campeche - a Mexican city on the Bay of Campeche
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