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 (käm′pĭ-sē′nō, kăm′-)
n. pl. cam·pe·si·nos
A farmer or farm worker in a Latin-American country.

[Spanish, from campo, field, from Latin campus; see campus.]


n, pl -nos
a Latin American rural peasant


(ˌkɑm pɛˈsi nɔ)

n., pl. -nos (-nôs). Spanish.
(in Latin America) a peasant or farmer.
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The de facto regime must behave like this, because they don't have the support of the people," said Rafael Alegria, director of the large farmers' union Via Campesina and a leading figure in the resistance movement.
They describe the role of international organizations like the Latin American Coordinator of Rural Organizations and La Via Campesina, and regional and national movements, in opposition to neoliberal globalization.
This type of twofold action, operating simultaneously at the local and international levels, reflects the actions of the organization Via Campesina, an entity that links family farmers from the North and the South who are aware that, as farmers, they all share similar problems (Desmarais 2008).
In a letter presented to Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Alberto Gomez of farmers' group La Via Campesina said the people detained were denied contacts with lawyers, ''which is a violation of their basic rights.
Via Campesina condemned the industrialized country proposals at Cancun for agricultural liberalization, while also criticizing developing country governments that focused on agricultural exports rather than protecting the right of local farmers to produce for the local market.
Cabrillo, a nonprofit organization based in Saticoy, previously developed the Villa Campesina sweat-equity project in Moorpark, where residents helped build their own homes.
Prior to joining Salem Communications, Harper served as General Manager for the Campesina Network in Bakersfield, CA.
The donated bikes will be shipped to Bikes of the World partner Fundacion Integral Campesina (FINCA Costa Rica), a rural micro-business program that distributes bikes to community groups that recondition and sell the bikes locally.
The Paren Eso (Stop That) campaign was launched by the Red Nacional de Accion Juvenil (RNAJ) and has been backed by the following organizations: Justicia Fiscal, Participacion Ciudanana, Juventud Caribe, Articulacion Nacional Campesina, Ciudad Alternativa, La Multitud, Alianza Dominicana contra la Corrupcion, Foro por la Transparencia y el Desarrollo de San Cristobal, and Juventud Alianza Pais.
39) Experience with agroecological techniques is growing every day in peasant networks such as La Via Campesina and the AgriCultures Network, Reseau des Organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs Agricoles de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (ROPPA), Eastern & Southern Africa Farmers' Forum (ESAFF), and PELUM (Participatory Ecological Land Use Management) network in Africa, MASIPAG network in the Philippines (Magsasaka at Siyentista Tungo sa Pag-unladng Agrikultura), or Assessoria e Servicos a Projetos em Agricultura Alternativa (AS-PTA) and Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST) in Brazil.
The group that organized the Encuentro, the Asociacion Campesina del Valle del Rio Cimitarra--winner of the national peace prize--said, "The Colombian conflict can end through dialogue and through attacking its objective causes by carrying out political, economic, and social reforms that allow the national population's living and working conditions to improve.
This article was written by La Via Campesina staff and originally published by La Via Campesina on www.