Canadian Maritime Provinces

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Noun1.Canadian Maritime Provinces - the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward IslandCanadian Maritime Provinces - the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
Acadia - the French-speaking part of the Canadian Maritime Provinces
New Brunswick - a province in southeastern Canada
Nova Scotia - the Canadian province in the Maritimes consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island; French settlers who called the area Acadia were exiled to Louisiana by the British in the 1750s and their descendants are know as Cajuns
Prince Edward Island - an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; the smallest province of Canada
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The system that stretched from Texas to the Canadian maritime provinces on Sunday had prompted emergency declarations a day earlier in Missouri, Indiana and Illinois, AP reported.
The harbour city is also a popular port of call for fall foliage cruises around New England and the Canadian Maritime Provinces with lines like P&O Cruises (pocruises.
New England could end up like the Canadian Maritime Provinces from the early '90s.
Equally interesting is the likely possibility that Canadian oil refiners will buy crude oil on the US Gulf Coast for shipment to refineries in the Canadian Maritime provinces and on the St.
Based in Saint John, HCIL is an insurance brokerage that operates from three sites across the Canadian Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Piping plovers are small, sand-colored shorebirds that breed on coastal beaches from North Carolina to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
If you're as far northeast as the Canadian Maritime provinces, you can even use a telescope to catch a star or two emerging from behind the Moon's bright limb.
Having just completed a 4,100-mile motorcycle ride through the back roads of seven Northeastern states and two Canadian Maritime provinces with longtime hardware friend, Jim Gray, we are pleased to report that independent hardware stores and home centers are alive, well and prosperous in the hundreds of towns through which we traveled.
On May 5 and August 4, respectively, they will inaugurate their spring, summer, and fall coastal cruise vacation itineraries featuring the Great Lakes, Canadian Maritime Provinces, and Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

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