Canadian dollar

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Noun1.Canadian dollar - the basic unit of money in Canada; "the Canadian dollar has the image of loon on one side of the coin"
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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Holders of class A units of the REIT ("Class A Units") will receive a distribution equal to the Canadian dollar equivalent (based on the U.
The Canadian dollar fell the most in three months after the nation's central bank left interest rates unchanged while cutting its economic growth forecasts.
The falling Canadian dollar is bad news for Canadians in the home country, since their imports would become more expensive, while lesser money will come in through exports," said Adeeb Ahamed, Chief executive officer at LuLu Exchange.
The cut resulted in the Canadian dollar falling to 81 cents, down from an average of about 86 cents in December 2014.
Competing WestJet Airlines CEO Gregg Saretsky announced that it recently raised ticket prices to compensate for climbing expenses caused by a weaker Canadian dollar.
According to CPC official Gary Stordy, the strong Canadian dollar will likely hurt Canadian pork exports in international markets.
Perry Mohr, general manager of Hog Administrative Marketing Services, said that while hog prices have been trending upward, the strength of the Canadian dollar has limited the benefits on the Canadian side of the border.
Until a few years ago, the Canadian dollar was trading well below the U.
Earlier this year, representatives from Abitibi-Consolidated said a 1-cent increase in the Canadian dollar against the United States is equivalent to a $30 million hit to their operating revenue.
Complaints poured in from retailers and customers, whose discontent was particularly strong in May when the Canadian dollar rose to US$0.
League expansion, rising salaries and the exchange rate -- teams took in revenue in Canadian dollars but paid in American dollars -- combined to hamstring Canadian teams.
The trend for the Canadian dollar has been up, up and away.

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