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1. the Canadian national character or spirit
2. loyalty to Canada, its political independence, culture, etc
3. a linguistic usage, custom, or other feature peculiar to or characteristic of Canada, its people, or their culture


(kəˈneɪ di əˌnɪz əm)

1. a custom, trait, or thing distinctive of Canada or its citizens.
2. an English word, idiom, phrase, or pronunciation originating in or distinctive to Canada.


1. a word or phrase commonly used in Canadian rather than British or American English. Cf. Americanism, Briticism.
2. a word or phrase typical of Canadian French or English that is present in another language.
3. an instance of speech, behavior, customs, etc., typical of Canada.
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Canadian writers started contributing enormously to the treasure of English literature from the Commonwealth, but their urgency for Canadianism was gradually lost in the more easily rewarding zeal for military and political pursuits, of course under the proud patronage of the former colonial masters.
The development of "chesterfield"--once a common Canadianism for a sofa, but now somewhat moribund--is explored at length.
18) Despite its overtly Jewish content, Ross believes that "the author's Canadianism is a nodal point in the treatment of his theme.
Lipset (2001) noted how these myths of primal Canadianism have become ingrained in the collective national psyche.
Of note particularly here are Alexander Legatt on the question of a "national" drama in rural Ontario, and Alan Filewod on "true Canadianism," and the "nostalgia for a perpetually re-invented past" (56) that is somehow embedded in the search for a post-imperial nationhood.
Marusya Bociurkiw presents an intriguing study on what much of Canada's identity and Canadianism comes from what they see on television, be it from commercials, dramas, or other television offerings.
The form and direction of the performances and installation art were student-led, reflected youth experiences and expressions, and consequently provided a candid look at the young Canadianism of the digital age.
But in not doing, he has revealed a vision that is no less clear--and arguably more radical-than Diefenbaker's un-hyphenated Canadianism, or Trudeau's lust Society.
I grew up in a navy family," wrote Alan Filewood, author of Theatre, Navy and the Narrative of True Canadianism.
Ignatieff asserts and reinforces his Canadianism by drawing on his maternal ancestors and their impressive contributions.
First, the more broadly relevant a Canadianism is to life in Canada, the more likely it is that a learner will acquire it.

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