Canal du Midi

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Ca·nal du Mi·di

(kä-näl′ do͞o mē-dē′)
A canal in southern France, about 240 km (150 mi) long, connecting the Garonne River to the Gulf of Lion near Montpellier. Completed in 1681, the canal permitted shipment of goods between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, bypassing the Iberian Peninsula and Gibraltar.
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And if you've had enough of the history and culture, you can always take a boat out for a relaxing afternoon on the Canal du Midi, or enrol on one of Siblu's French cooking courses.
The beautiful Canal du Midi is nearby and you can visit the town of Homps to enjoy a boat trip along the waterway.
We travelled through the Canal du Midi, the Etang de Thau inland sea and the Canal de Rhone a Sete, covering a distance of 80 miles or so in seven days.
After enjoying a day and night in Narbonne we cruised back to the Canal du Midi and headed for Beziers, the home of Pierre Paul Riquet the man who built the Canal du Midi three centuries ago.
Contract award: Development of the site of the locks Fonseranes - Canal du Midi.
Steer it up the famous Canal du Midi (you'll be shown how to do it) and bring it back a week, and lots of locks, later.
Starting in Avignon, you'll visit Arles, which inspired the painter Van Gogh, and the Canal du Midi, before ending up at Sete, a beautiful town on a spit of land in the Mediterranean.
Some of the most famous canals wind through the gorgeous wine-making areas of Sancerre, Chablis and Cotes du Rhone, while the historic 17th century Canal du Midi links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic through a 360-km network of waterways.
Its most famous son is Pierre–Paul Riquet, the genius who created the Canal du Midi which snakes close by with its colourful barges and cruisers.
There were flatscreen televisions in every cabin, independent air conditioning in each room, an on-deck barbecue and shower, as well as plenty of deck space up top to enjoy the French summer along the beautiful Canal du Midi, Europe's oldest and largest man-made waterway.
The next morning's cycle ride was by the Canal du Midi, another n -Unesco site that was conceived in 1666 by visionary architect Pierre-Paul Riquet and which helps connect the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of France.
Pierre-Paul Riquet was responsible for opening the Canal du Midi waterway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in the 17th century.