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With expert advice from Huddersfield Canal Society boat officer John Morley (pictured centre) the youngsters, from Batley, quickly |mastered the complexities of how to work a canal lock on a recently restored stretch of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
DEAR Editor, As Terry Fogarty mentioned in the Post last week in your story 'Revolutionary canal lock could transform run-down waterways',' much of Birmingham's canal network is in a poor state.
Just north of the rebuilt original canal lock is "Promenade Classique," a sculpture garden created by Anne and Patrick Poirier, French artists who incorporate archaeological and mythological references in their works.
I'm trying to guide our home for the week - Olivia, a 60ft narrowboat - into a drained canal lock that's just a few inches wider than her hull.
5m Lotto family jackpot win in 2006, helped to clear mud and vegetation from two of the canal lock chamber.
The 33-by-8 foot vessel measures about half the length of a Blackstone Canal lock.
The twin's mum Lisa rushed to the Staffordshire-Worcester canal lock a mile from their Kidderminster home, but Imie was already dead.
Sometimes, manatees die when they get crushed in a canal lock, or an artificial structure that helps boats pass through a canal's waterways.
One shows the view, from the bow of a ship, of a concrete-lined waterway leading to a massive canal lock.
Hidetake killed himself in January 1996 when he was a third-year student at Jojima Junior High School by hanging himself from a ladder at a canal lock gate in the town.
The sermon was preached from a platform erected on the canal lock bank, of timbers that were to support the arch of the Sappers' Bridge.
Terry Fogarty with his |revolutionary design for a canal lock and, inset, Camp Hill locks in Birmingham