Canary Islands

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Ca·nar·y Islands

 (kə-nâr′ē) In Spanish Is·las Ca·na·rias (ēs′läs kä-när′yäs)
A group of Spanish islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa. The Canaries have been part of Spain since 1479 and are a major tourist center.

Canary Islands



pl n
(Placename) a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the NW coast of Africa, forming an Autonomous Community of Spain. Pop: 1 944 700 (2003 est)

Canar′y Is′lands
a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic Ocean, near the NW coast of Africa, comprising two provinces of Spain. 1,614,882; 2894 sq. mi. (7495 sq. km). Spanish, Islas Canarias.
Ca•nar′i•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Canary Islands - a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provincesCanary Islands - a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provinces
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
Tenerife - a Spanish island in the Atlantic off the northwestern coast of Africa; the largest of the Canary Islands
Kanaari saared
KanariKanarski Otoci

Canary Islands

npl the Canary Islandsle isole fpl Canarie
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Helena, and at some of the Canary islands, almost entire sterility.
On the 6th of January we reached Teneriffe, but were prevented landing, by fears of our bringing the cholera: the next morning we saw the sun rise behind the rugged outline of the Grand Canary island, and suddenly illuminate the Peak of Teneriffe, whilst the lower parts were veiled in fleecy clouds.
The first was this: our ship making her course towards the Canary Islands, or rather between those islands and the African shore, was surprised in the grey of the morning by a Turkish rover of Sallee, who gave chase to us with all the sail she could make.
1966: Parasitic Fungi from the Canary Islands chiefly collected by J.
Robles said the 400ft vessel was boarded by Spanish police on Thursday, some 200 miles west of the Canary Islands.
Later he extended the term to cover the Cape Verde archipelago, and even to refer to the coastline of Africa opposite the Canary Islands (mainland Macaronesia).
Neither woman remembers being photographed, but the photographer said he was in the Canary Islands when Maylam was there and not while Sto was there, Dagbladet said.
WASHINGTON -- The Gateway Partnership, a collaborative partnership including the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain - Canary Islands Delegation; the Vitalia Foundation; and the University of Texas - Pan-American, announced today that former U.
Forest fires were also raging on the Canary Islands of La Gomera and La Palma and there were hundreds more evacuations there.
The route cancellations and reduced frequencies are expected to result in a 26 percent fall in the airline's traffic from the Canary Islands, from the current 4.
The Canary Islands government says the situation in Egypt and Tunisia had, up until last weekend, brought an additional 60,000 tourists to the islands.
A Ryanair spokesman said that almost 70% of the airline's Canary Islands passengers will be unaffected because they already travel without checked-in bags.