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n.1.Fluor spar. See Kand.
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Vancis Cand MS BV is an independent integrated cloud and managed services company with a foothold in the educational, research and health care industries.
I focus on the subconscious desires and thought-processes of human sexuality," Cand says.
Viciile care pot afecta vointa-consimtamant sunt eroarea (numai atunci cand ea este viciu de consimtamant, nu si cand este vorba de eroarea-obstacol sau eroarea indiferenta), dolul sau viclenia (nu in situatia lui dolus bonus), violenta si leziunea.
Numesc aceasta "noutatea relativa" a lui e1-e1 este noua relativ daca, atunci cand ea este destul de probabila date fiind h si k, e foarte improbabila date fiind teoriile actuale in voga cand h a fost formulata.
What we find at this time of year is that on the tops of the mountains the temperature reaches around -1 to-3 Cand snow freezes overnight.
Since the magic Portal opened at the stadium in Cand about 10 years ago, not too much has changed for reporter Kline Maxwell, except that his laptop and cell phone don't work well in the Portal's magical zone.
The president said he felt ``terrible'' about the toll that Starr's investigation, as well as inquiries by several other independent counsels, has taken on his friends Cand employees.
The centre comprises over 31,000 square meters and tenants include leading retailers such as Inditex, Hand M, Cand A and Cortefiel.
Stiinta se razbuna ca o femeie: nu cand o ataci, ci cand o neglijezi.
And, if you are able to remove most of the paint with Peel-Away, for instance, you will probably have to finish up with one of the semi-paste removers, in order to get into those nooks cand crannies.
The Company's name change will become official on July 1st, 2005, with the Company switching NASDAQ ticker symbols from CAND to ICON on the same day.
The transaction follows the recently announced sale of Grocers Supply wholesale business to Cand S Wholesale.