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Can·di·a 1

A name used by Italian colonizers (13th-17th century) for the island of Crete.

Can·di·a 2



(Placename) the Italian name for Iráklion


or He•rak•li•on

(ɪˈræk li ən, -ˈrɑ kli-)
a seaport on the N coast of Crete, in Greece. 243,622. Also called Candia.
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Upon taking the course of the Nautilus, I found that we were going towards Candia, the ancient Isle of Crete.
Two thousand cannabis plants with an estimated street value of up to PS2m were seized from Candia Towers on June 10 after a police officer noticed a strong smell of drugs during a routine patrol.
John Candia, CEO of the iProperty Company is only too well aware of the importance of mobile technology having headed up the development of a global property community from scratch.
Candia is part of Sodiaal, France's leading milk products cooperative.
Ainsi, Candia est passe de 75 DA a 90 DA chez le distributeur et les marques [beaucoup moins que]Silhouette[beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que]Viva[beaucoup plus grand que] a 100 DA, certains les cedent a 95 DA.
More than 200 full and select part-time staff sampled wine, spirits, meads and ciders from New Hampshire's six top-selling manufacturers--Flag Hill Winery & Distillery of Lee, Candia Vineyards of Candia, LaBelle Winery of Amherst, Farnum Hill Ciders of Lebanon, Jewell Towne Vineyards of South Hampton, and Moonlight Meadery of Londonderry.
1669: The Venetian fortress-city of Candia - modern Heraklion in Crete - surrenders to the Ottomans after a 21-year siege, the longest in recorded history.
Among the topics are the eternity of the world according to Peter of Candia, what Aquinas learned from Maimonides, John Duns Scotus' approach to metaphysics, and Augustinian abstraction and Henry of Ghent's metaphysical argument.
The decor of the vase shown here is called Candia Papillon, Candia being the Loetz name for amber, and Papillon referring to the spotted design like a butterfly's wings.
Italian baritone Roberto de Candia framed the production, singing Tonio in Pagliacci (he delivers the famous Prologue) and the title role of Schicchi, which also gave him the last word.
Candia Road's Hop-Ful IPA is brewed with American two-row, American White Wheat, American C40 and American Carapils, with what the brewery calls "A big mess of Brewers Gold, Mt.

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