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In fact, as to this question of opposition, the fair Dedlock's observation was superfluous, Sir Leicester on these occasions always delivering in his own candidateship, as a kind of handsome wholesale order to be promptly executed.
Certain informal rules and institutions based on balance of power among different factions and restriction of top leaders' power have come into being in China's elite politics, ensuring that candidateship of future successors is not solely the reflection of the incumbent top leader's own will, but an outcome of compromises among different groups and one step further, the result of polls in a limited range.
Xi had abundant local governance experience before being granted the first candidateship to paramount power, but he still needed new chances to prove he was qualified enough for a national leader.
32) Zhang Danhong, "China Watchers Have Different Views on Top Leader Candidateship (Shuijin zuigaoceng: zhongguo wenti zhuanjia kanfa butong)", 11 Oct.
One product that didn't necessarily fit into traditional product categories but is well-deserving of candidateship was LSI's SSD controller.
67/2004, there is also regulated the fact that in case of appealing a candidateship, this is handed in to the instance that is competent for solving them, with a possibility for appealing in 24 hours after the delivery by the superior instance.
There are three personalities in this classification who competed in June 1992 to obtain the Romanian Democratic Convention candidateship to the presidency of Romania (Constantinescu, Ratiu, Manolescu--classified in this order in June) and no.