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A usually tall candleholder.


(ˈkændəlˌstɪk) or


(Furniture) a holder, usually ornamental, with a spike or socket for a candle


(ˈkæn dlˌstɪk)

a device having a socket or a spike for holding a candle.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.candlestick - a holder with sockets for candlescandlestick - a holder with sockets for candles  
candelabra, candelabrum - branched candlestick; ornamental; has several lights
girandola, girandole - an ornate candle holder; often with a mirror
holder - a holding device; "a towel holder"; "a cigarette holder"; "an umbrella holder"
pricket - a sharp metal spike to hold a candle
giá đỡ nến


[ˈkændlstɪk] N (single) → candelero m; (low, with handle) → palmatoria f; (large, ornamental) → candelabro m; (in church) → cirial m


[ˈkændəlstɪk] n
(= candle holder) → bougeoir m
(bigger, ornate)chandelier m


[ˈkændlˌstɪk] candleholder [ˈkændlˌhəʊldəʳ] nbugia, portacandele m inv; (large, ornate) → candeliere m


(ˈkӕndl) noun
a moulded piece of wax with a wick in the centre, for giving light. We had to use candles when the electric lights went out.
ˈcandle-light noun
the light from a candle. We had dinner by candle-light.
ˈcandlestick noun
a holder for a candle.


شَمْعَدان svícen lysestage Kerzenhalter κηροπήγιο candelabro, candelero kynttilänjalka bougeoir svijećnjak candeliere ろうそく立て 촛대 kandelaar lysestake świecznik castiçal подсвечник ljusstake เชิงเทียน şamdan giá đỡ nến 烛台
References in classic literature ?
If I sell the very pyx and candlesticks on the altar at Jorvaulx, I shall scarce raise the half; and it will be necessary for that purpose that I go to Jorvaulx myself; ye may retain as borrows* my two priests.
Hundreds of tapers burnt upon golden candlesticks, and shed a light like the brightest day.
Albogues," said Don Quixote, "are brass plates like candlesticks that struck against one another on the hollow side make a noise which, if not very pleasing or harmonious, is not disagreeable and accords very well with the rude notes of the bagpipe and tabor.
The stairs, up which everybody mounted without wiping their feet, were never polished; the walls, painted by some wretched artisan of the neighborhood, were a terror to the eye; the stone mantel-piece, ill-carved, "swore" with the handsome clock, which was further degraded by the company of contemptible candlesticks.
There were also perhaps a dozen candles about, two in brass candlesticks upon the mantel and several in sconces, so that the room was brilliantly illuminated.
She visited the neighbours to beg for candlesticks and mats so as to adorn the temporary altars in the street.
Indeed, she has not yet recovered her equanimity on the subject, though it is now nearly three hours since dinner, and the house-floor is perfectly clean again; as clean as everything else in that wonderful house- place, where the only chance of collecting a few grains of dust would be to climb on the salt-coffer, and put your finger on the high mantel-shelf on which the glittering brass candlesticks are enjoying their summer sinecure; for at this time of year, of course, every one goes to bed while it is yet light, or at least light enough to discern the outline of objects after you have bruised your shins against them.
Elizabeth followed her father, who paused a moment to whisper a message to one of his domestics, into a large hall, that was dimly lighted by two candies, placed in high, old-fashioned, brass candlesticks.
The young man gave a frank laugh, and laid his hand on one of the candlesticks.
All the mess plate was out on the long table - the same table that had served up the bodies of five officers after a forgotten fight long and long ago - the dingy, battered standards faced the door of entrance, clumps of winter-roses lay between the silver candlesticks, and the portraits of eminent officers deceased looked down on their successors from between the heads of sambhur, nilghai, markhor, and, pride of all the mess, two grinning snow-leopards that had cost Basset-Holmer four months' leave that he might have spent in England, instead of on the road to Thibet and the daily risk of his life by ledge, snow- slide, and grassy slope.
The whole place was turned upside down, drawers burst open, and presses ransacked, with the result that an odd volume of Pope's 'Homer,' two plated candlesticks, an ivory letter-weight, a small oak barometer, and a ball of twine are all that have vanished.
Jellyby, snuffing the two great office candles in tin candlesticks, which made the room taste strongly of hot tallow (the fire had gone out, and there was nothing in the grate but ashes, a bundle of wood, and a poker), "you find me, my dears, as usual, very busy; but that you will excuse.