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A usually tall candleholder.


(ˈkændəlˌstɪk) or


(Furniture) a holder, usually ornamental, with a spike or socket for a candle


(ˈkæn dlˌstɪk)

a device having a socket or a spike for holding a candle.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.candlestick - a holder with sockets for candlescandlestick - a holder with sockets for candles  
candelabra, candelabrum - branched candlestick; ornamental; has several lights
girandola, girandole - an ornate candle holder; often with a mirror
holder - a holding device; "a towel holder"; "a cigarette holder"; "an umbrella holder"
pricket - a sharp metal spike to hold a candle
giá đỡ nến


[ˈkændlstɪk] N (single) → candelero m; (low, with handle) → palmatoria f; (large, ornamental) → candelabro m; (in church) → cirial m


[ˈkændəlstɪk] n
(= candle holder) → bougeoir m
(bigger, ornate)chandelier m


[ˈkændlˌstɪk] candleholder [ˈkændlˌhəʊldəʳ] nbugia, portacandele m inv; (large, ornate) → candeliere m


(ˈkӕndl) noun
a moulded piece of wax with a wick in the centre, for giving light. We had to use candles when the electric lights went out.
ˈcandle-light noun
the light from a candle. We had dinner by candle-light.
ˈcandlestick noun
a holder for a candle.


شَمْعَدان svícen lysestage Kerzenhalter κηροπήγιο candelabro, candelero kynttilänjalka bougeoir svijećnjak candeliere ろうそく立て 촛대 kandelaar lysestake świecznik castiçal подсвечник ljusstake เชิงเทียน şamdan giá đỡ nến 烛台
References in classic literature ?
These churches were symbolized in the Scriptures as candlesticks, and on certain conditions there was a sort of implied promise that Smyrna should be endowed with a "crown of life.
Josiah Graves that morning had objected strongly to some candlesticks with which the Vicar had adorned the altar.
In the middle stood a little frame containing relics; at the corners were two little orange-trees, and all along the edge were silver candlesticks, porcelain vases containing sun-flowers, lilies, peonies, and tufts of hydrangeas.
He did not have any candlesticks because he only used these candles cut short in the little lantern he carried.
All the mess plate was out on the long table - the same table that had served up the bodies of five officers after a forgotten fight long and long ago - the dingy, battered standards faced the door of entrance, clumps of winter-roses lay between the silver candlesticks, and the portraits of eminent officers deceased looked down on their successors from between the heads of sambhur, nilghai, markhor, and, pride of all the mess, two grinning snow-leopards that had cost Basset-Holmer four months' leave that he might have spent in England, instead of on the road to Thibet and the daily risk of his life by ledge, snow- slide, and grassy slope.
Bedroom candlesticks bristle on the distant table by the door, and cousins yawn on ottomans.
John, with the tall candlesticks in his hands, bowed them up to the fireplace; Hugh, striding in with a lighted brand and pile of firewood, cast it down upon the hearth, and set it in a blaze; John Grueby (who had a great blue cockade in his hat, which he appeared to despise mightily) brought in the portmanteau he had carried on his horse, and placed it on the floor; and presently all three were busily engaged in drawing out the screen, laying the cloth, inspecting the beds, lighting fires in the bedrooms, expediting the supper, and making everything as cosy and as snug as might be, on so short a notice.
Round it stood seven large candlesticks like those used in churches.
The gilt on the red ground of the holy picture-stand, and the gilt relief on the pictures, and the silver of the lusters and candlesticks, and the stones of the floor, and the rugs, and the banners above in the choir, and the steps of the altar, and the old blackened books, and the cassocks and surplices--all were flooded with light.
Wherefore, upon such as come hereabouts, I levy a certain toll, which I use for a better purpose, I hope, than to make candlesticks withal.
Albogues," said Don Quixote, "are brass plates like candlesticks that struck against one another on the hollow side make a noise which, if not very pleasing or harmonious, is not disagreeable and accords very well with the rude notes of the bagpipe and tabor.
The candles were tallow, and they lopped at different angles in the flat candlesticks heavily loaded with lead, which compositors once used.