or Can·dom·blé  (kän-do͝om-blĕ′)
A religion based on African traditions with elements derived from Christianity, practiced chiefly in Brazil.

[Portuguese Candomblé, ritual drum music, of Bantu origin (perhaps imitative of the sound of drums).]


(Portuguese kænˈdəʊmbleɪ; kændɒmˈbleɪ)
(Christian Churches, other) any of a number of similar religious cults in Brazil that combine elements of Roman Catholicism with elements of West African, esp Yoruba, and South American Indian religions
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In Brazil, another major center of folk religion, Chesnut estimated that 70 percent to 80 percent of the leaders of Afro-Brazilian religions such as Candomble and Umbanda are women.
DuBois, South African novelist Zakes Mda, Haitian novelists Edwidge Danticat and Jacques Roumain, as well as African belief systems such as Voudoun and Candomble to access the deep and often unconscious spiritual and psychosocial connectedness of people of African descent in the African world.
Drawing on post-colonial and diaspora theories to explore subjectivity in the formation of personal and national identity, she argues that the practices of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomble have been fundamental to Afro-Brazilian engagement with historical agency and navigation of modern power structures.
Where descendants of black slaves have formed minority communities, as in Brazil, syncretistic amalgamations with traditional African religion have come about inside the Catholic Church, as well as in new religious movements such as Candomble and Umbanda.
It was a first-time encounter of major symbolic proportions given the history of animosity between the Catholic Church and syncretic religions like candomble and umbanda, which blend African and Catholic traditions.
His proxy for this alternative mixed society is the Afro-Brazilian religious construction known as candomble.
En otro video polemico que paso a circular en Internet en abril de 2013, el diputado y pastor Feliciano afirma que los cantantes Caetano Veloso y Lady Gaga tienen exito gracias a un pacto con el diablo, que, en el discurso, esta asociado al candomble.
The associations suggested above are with Catholicism and Afro-Brazilian Candomble, and the latter will be enhanced in the drumming performance that will have taken place in Waiting Room by the time this essay is published.
The author demonstrates that all three novelists use African diaspora religious practices (Vodou, Candomble, and witchcraft) in order to create a space to refashion personal, cultural, and historical identities for women of the African diaspora, empower their female protagonists, and celebrate African diaspora womanhood.
Cependant, en se preoccupant du probleme des transformations, des interpretations et des metamorphoses des civilisations en contact dans le cas du candomble au Bresil, Bastide (1958 : 232) a soutenu l'enonce suivant :
Suki John, choreographer, dancer, and scholar, has worked with Cuban dance artists from the studios of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba to the earthen plazas of the religious ceremonies of the Candomble.
They took their own music, dance and cuisine with them, while African religions, such as candomble, are still practised in parts of Brazil.