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or Can·dom·blé  (kän-do͝om-blĕ′)
A religion based on African traditions with elements derived from Christianity, practiced chiefly in Brazil.

[Portuguese Candomblé, ritual drum music, of Bantu origin (perhaps imitative of the sound of drums).]


(Portuguese kænˈdəʊmbleɪ; kændɒmˈbleɪ)
(Christian Churches, other) any of a number of similar religious cults in Brazil that combine elements of Roman Catholicism with elements of West African, esp Yoruba, and South American Indian religions
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El trabajo presente tuvo como objetivo analizar el discurso de los sacerdotes y sacerdotisas del candonble, religion afro-brasilera de formacion sincretica, en dos ciudades de la region Noreste de Brasil (Caruaru, PE y Campina Grande, PB) en lo referido a la construccion mistica que los adeptos elaboran a partir de la naturaleza.
For this reason it is easy to understand how religious and spiritual structures such as candonble in Brazil or santeria in Cuba grew up with the diaspora of slaves who were taken to the Americas and the West Indies.