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A broad-spectrum antifungal drug, C22H17ClN2, used topically to treat a variety of superficial fungal infections, including candidiasis and ringworm.

[c(h)lo(ro)- + tr(i)- (from its three phenyl groups) + im(id)azole.]


n clotrimazol m
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This company offers a wide range of well-established brands, with the Canestan range notably dominating vaginal antifungals in the year with 69% share and Germoloids ranking a strong second in haemorrhoid treatments with 41% share.
A packet of Canestan tablets in Boots costs pounds 12, but if you ask for fluconazole it costs pounds 3.
We used Canestan feminine hygiene wipes as they come individually wrapped.
In most cases, Canestan or a similar anti-fungal cream will rapidly settle the symptoms.