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 (kăn′ē-ə-pĭs′kō, -kou)
A river of northern Quebec, Canada, flowing about 730 km (450 mi) from the Caniapiscau Reservoir northward to the Koksoak River. Since the construction of the reservoir in 1985, most of its headwaters have been diverted to James Bay.
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For example a recent preliminary study (Hydro-Quebec Equipment, 2003) that examined the hydroelectric potential of the Nastapoka, Caniapiscau, Whale, and George rivers identified potential projects that, if they prove economically feasible, would add about 6000 megawatts capacity.
Chimo), Schefferville or to a small landing strip near the Caniapiscau River to hunt the Leaf River or George River herds.
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La Grande and Caniapiscau rivers) are 3,500 years old, but
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TSX:VIA) ("Virginia") is pleased to provide an update on its Coulon and Corvet projects located in the Caniapiscau and LG-4 areas, James Bay, Province of Quebec.
Many descendants of the Innu who formerly hunted in the George and Koksoak river valleys, traded at the Hudson's Bay Company posts at Fort Chimo (Kuujjuaq) or Fort Mckenzie (abandoned 1939) on the Caniapiscau, and subsequently moved to the vicinity of Schefferville in 1956 now reside in the communities of Kawawachikamach and Matimekosh.
Chimo), Schefferville and a small landing strip near the Caniapiscau River are the main jump-off points for Quebec-Labrador caribou hunters.
During field work for mapping glacial striae at the Caniapiscau reservoir, north-central Quebec, both surface weathering forms and saprolite remnants were encountered (Figures 1 and 2).
UP = Ungava Peninsula, Riviere Caniapiscau (areas near 58[degrees] N, 700[degrees] W), muskox study 1996, collector: R.
In addition to the 153,000 hectare Foxtrot property, the joint venture holds the Caniapiscau, Taiga and Tichegami properties that together constitute 227,000 hectares of prospective mineral permits.