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Noun1.canned hunt - a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections
hunting, hunt - the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts
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Canned hunting offers clients, often from the USA, the chance to kill a lion bred in captivity at a discount, sometimes in a single day.
One of the biggest problems with today s media is that presumably literate folks continue to regard the terms "hunting" and "poaching " as synonyms, and there is no doubt whatsoever that not only is canned hunting worse than poaching, but it gives the anti-hunters more ammunition to use against us.
Or canned hunting, where lions are bred to be released for killing while disoriented.
That's why she visited Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre (ADWC) on Saturday to join the Global March for Lions, an international campaign against canned hunting of lions.
This is why I volunteered to organise the local Global March For Lions event," he says, "to try and make people aware of this situation and help force the authorities in South Africa to ban the canned hunting practice and save the African lions from extinction.
The Global March for Lions, organised by CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting), a non-profit group from South Africa, aims to make people aware of canned hunting in South Africa, as well as force the country's authorities to ban the practice and save the lions.
A Reckoning following the canned hunts at Rolling Rock Club, Ligonier, Pennsylvania, 2003, 2007 "Doing canned hunting is like having sex with a blow-up doll.
Congress has tried since 1995 to pass bills outlawing most canned hunting in the United States but well-funded hunting organizations have lobbied to defeat them.
ntil its ban, South Africa was one of the world's canned hunting capitals, with more than 1,000 lions killed every year by foreign hunters.
In other words, Oregon supports and facilitates canned hunting.
This hunt has been shown to rely on artificial means, including their own variation of canned hunting, to help ensure a good day's sport.
Illegal in California but allowed in some states, including Montana and Texas, canned hunting occurs when business owners fence in wild animals then allow ``hunters'' to gun them down, Lee said.