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1.A weight used in southern Europe and East for heavy articles. It varies in different localities; thus, at Rome it is nearly 75 pounds, in Sardinia nearly 94 pounds, in Cairo it is 95 pounds, in Syria about 503 pounds.
2.A liquid measure in Spain, ranging from two and a half to four gallons.
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As singers, actors, and composers, Schipa and Gardel expressed the commonalities between opera and tango in a voice technique based on recitar cantando, a form of recited singing similar to that characteristic of the dramas of ancient Greece.
Pero la Navidad de TVE se completara con el especial de Operacion Triunfo en el que los concursantes actuales cantaran con los de la primera edicion, como Bustamante, Rosa o Gisela; volvera el tradicional Telepasion, con todos los rostros de la cadena cantando y bailando al ritmo de La, la land .
Con una no menos poderosa y galante personalidad que llenaba el escenario, enfrento la adversidad como solo sabia hacerlo, cantando, y muy triste ha sido saber que sus extraordinarias dotes vocales y una solida formacion atras, su otrora inquebrantable fortaleza, terminaron por perder la batalla.
Margot bailando cueca con Victor Jara, Margot con los presidentes, Margot cantando en un cerro de Valparaiso la tonada del Patito.
In a thrilling restart, Chiappe managed to retain the lead and he held on to the chequered flag, but Carella was passed by Sweden's Erik Stark and reached the finish in third, with Italy's Francesco Cantando in fourth.
Motorglass F1 Team's Bartek Marszalek finished an impressive fifth in China and he and Italian team-mate Francesco Cantando will also be eyeing podium finishes on Saturday.
Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman's Advantage[R], today announced that Missy Tincher's advice has been included in the calendar which was released on September 20.
Las dos sirenas, fieles a sus dioses tutelares, seguian cantando.
Finland's Sami Selio lost his slim chance of taking a third world title with technical problems on the 22nd lap and this left the door open for Team Abu Dhabi's Ahmed Al-Hameli to finish fourth, with fellow Emirati Thani Al-Qamzi and Italian Francesco Cantando rounding off the top six.
Indicum Bobo Stenson Trio The Swedish pianist again has Anders Jormin on bass and Jon Falt on drums, and, four years after their last release, Cantando, they are still developing their particular brand of group improvisation.
Rinker finished second and Italy's Francesco Cantando pipped Sweden's Jonas Andersson to third place.
Just ask Mary Cantando, who wrote about her experience in purchasing a Ford Edge.