Canterbury tale

one of the tales which Chaucer puts into the mouths of certain pilgrims to Canterbury. Hence, any tale told by travelers to pass away the time.

See also: Canterbury

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The great work of the period, however, and the crowning achievement of Chaucer's life, is 'The Canterbury Tales.
His mind and eye were keen, besides, for moral qualities; he penetrated directly through all the pretenses of falsehood and hypocrisy; while how thoroughly he understood and respected honest worth appears in the picture of the Poor Parson in the Prolog to 'The Canterbury Tales.
Later on, perhaps through Chaucer's example, he turned to English, and in 'Confessio Amantis' (A Lover's Confession) produced a series of renderings of traditional stories parallel in general nature to 'The Canterbury Tales.
The townsfolk are out in force to help in the search for the missing teenager in the latest Canterbury Tale updated for modern times.
PARDON me, but was this one Canterbury Tale best left untold?
I always giggle at the ancient English language but not as much as I laughed at your modern Canterbury Tale.
IN a gloomy Canterbury tale, England look unlikely to emulate the fellas in the women's Ashes Test.
Criterion has restored Michael Powell's ``A Canterbury Tale.
Then comes a two-part adaptation in the Swan Theatre of Chaucer's complete Canterbury Tales, the first time the RSC has produced the work of Shakespeare's great predecessor.
Clarice Swisher's Understanding The Canterbury Tales (156006-7829, $27.
Cain's ``The Postman Always Rings Twice,'' Geoffrey Chaucer's ``The Canterbury Tales,'' Gustave Flaubert's ``Madame Bovary,'' Josephine Hart's ``Damage,'' Nathaniel Hawthorne's ``The Scarlet Letter,'' John Irving's ``The World According to Garp,'' Milan Kundera's ``The Unbearable Lightness of Being,'' D.
ART OF SEDUCTION: James Nesbitt stars with Billie Piper and Dennis Waterman in an updated version of The Miller's Tale from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, UKTV Drama, 9.

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