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Noun1.Cantharellus - a well-known genus of fungusCantharellus - a well-known genus of fungus; has funnel-shaped fruiting body; includes the chanterelles
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
Cantharellus cibarius, chantarelle, chanterelle - widely distributed edible mushroom rich yellow in color with a smooth cap and a pleasant apricot aroma
Cantharellus floccosus, floccose chanterelle - a mildly poisonous fungus with a fruiting body shaped like a hollow trumpet
Cantharellus clavatus, pig's ears - an edible agaric with a brown fruiting body that is often compound
Cantharellus cinnabarinus, cinnabar chanterelle - mushroom with a distinctive pink to vermillion fruiting body
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Team Leader Taxa found/notes Aquatic Paul McMurray 34 [4 county records] Macroinvertebrates Beetles Jeffrey Holland 101 [26 families] Birds Don Gorney 92 [6 state listed species] Butterflies Kirk Roth 29 [8 not previously reported in county] Fish Robert Brodman 3 [common species] Fungi Stephen Russell 77 [earliest known report for 2 species of Cantharellus in Indiana] Herpetofauna Robert Brodman 15 [4 county records] Singing Insects Carl Strang 12 [5 singing insects, 7 others; first report of Anaxipha vernalis in Indiana; range expansion of 1 species] Snail-killing Flies Bill Murphy 7 [1 county record] Spiders Brittany 20 [all common species] Davis-Swinford Vascular Plants Scott Namestnik 458 [150 potential county records; 8 state listed species]
Servings ran the gamut from traditional mushroom soup and mushroom bread with mushroom and herb butter, to healthy greens with casserole mushrooms, Vol au Vent puffed and stuffed pastry, Caprese and Cantharellus hot stuffed mushrooms, Pizza Royale aux Champignons, and a Shake beverage made with milk, nuts, honey and mushrooms.
136 167 74 Cantharellus Cantharellaceae cibarius 1 7 5 Moss Muscus 0 0 0 Total 4,209.