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n.1.(Zool.) A beetle (Lytta vesicatoria, syn. Cantharis vesicatoria), having an elongated cylindrical body of a brilliant green color, and a nauseous odor; the blister fly or blister beetle, of the apothecary; - also called Spanish fly. Many other species of Lytta, used for the same purpose, take the same name. See Blister beetle, under Blister. The plural form in usually applied to the dried insects used in medicine.
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Cantharis patches have been used since ages to treat various skin-related diseases.
Peter Fisher, Editor, international journal Homeopathy, presentation on topics ranging from homeo-genomic approach towards personalized therapy of cancer, hypertension and oxidative stress parameters of kidney by modulating enzyme hypertnsive rat model, anti heat shock effect of Cantharis 200 transported from one plant to another through capillary water, to protective role of Rhus toxicodendron 6c on cells of primary cell culture in relation to dengue virus infection and molecular level correlation between probable homoeopathic medicines and bio-samples of patients.
We recommended that she take Cantharis immediately, and she was much improved by the following day and needed no conventional care.
Canth: One of the most common burn remedies is cantharis.