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(German ˈaːrɡau)
(Placename) a canton in N Switzerland. Capital: Aarau. Pop: 556 200 (2002 est). Area: 1404 sq km (542 sq miles). French name: Argovie


(ˈɑr gaʊ)

a canton in N Switzerland. 528,887; 542 sq. mi. (1400 sq. km). Cap.: Aarau. French, Argovie.
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Together with its partners Ineratec GMBH and Energiedienst Holding AG, the company has plans for a new pilot facility for the production of e-diesel in Laufenburg, in Canton Aargau (Switzerland).
This is to be realized either as a proprietary development with SAP BPM on the existing e-government platform of the canton Aargau or through an SAP ERP add-on.
Canton Aargau wanted a nationwide ban on burqas, but this was thrown out by the federal government.
Just over ten years later, the now 28-year-old from Canton Aargau has appeared in campaigns for companies including Victoria's Secret and Bally and in editorials for Vogue and Elle.
The Federal Competition Commission recently initiated an enquiry on such practices in the canton Aargau.
The company anticipates continued growth, especially following the opening of its new Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters, AppRiver AG, in Canton Aargau, Switzerland this past spring.
Invitation to tender :Consultation and public relations work for the 23 municipalities of the North region (+/- REPLA ZurzibietRegio) within the framework of the energy consultancyAARGAU - A service of Canton Aargau
AppRiver, a leading provider of email messaging and Web security solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters, AppRiver AG, in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.
Based on the Submissions Decree of Canton Aargau and following the guidance of the "selective procedure" according to SIA, a project competition is carried out in a selective process.
She speaks in scarcely more than a whisper; however, a decade in the business has taught this shy girl from Canton Aargau to glance confidently into the camera lens and to hold her body straight on the catwalk.
However, the annual letters from the health insurers are now in and many of us are still in shock Some insurers have raised their premiums by over 30 per cent in Zurich--and up to 80 per cent in Canton Aargau.
New Bank of Argovie and Gewerbebank Baden, Group banks which are based in Canton Aargau, also made a profit.