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(German apənˈtsɛl; ˈapəntsɛl)
1. (Placename) a canton of NE Switzerland, divided in 1597 into the Protestant demicanton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes and the Catholic demicanton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes. Capitals: Herisau and Appenzell, respectively. Pop: 53 200 and Pop: 15 000 (2002 est) respectively. Areas: 243 sq km (94 sq miles) and 171 sq km (66 sq miles) respectively
2. (Placename) a town in NE Switzerland, capital of Appenzell Inner Rhodes demicanton. Pop: 5447 (2000)


(Ger. ˈɑ pənˌtsɛl)

a canton in NE Switzerland, divided into two independent areas.
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Contract notice: Statutory accident insurance for the employees of the canton of appenzell outer rhodes.
We decide to try the gourmet hike offered by the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, in order to discover more about this picturesque area and its cuisine.
23What did the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden famously not allow until 1990?
On Sunday, at exactly 9pm, the master brewer from the Locher Brewery in the canton of Appenzell will open a valve for soft spring mountain water to surge into the copper ( just as he always does on the night of a full moon.
To conduct my experiment, I transported the box out to Weissbad, a remote area in the canton of Appenzell, where I often execute ideas that can't be performed in the studio.
Contract notice: Sick-pay insurance for the employees of the canton of appenzell outer rhodes.