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(German ɡrauˈbyndən)
(Placename) an Alpine canton of E Switzerland: the largest of the cantons, but sparsely populated. Capital: Chur. Pop: 186 100 (2002 est). Area: 7109 sq km (2773 sq miles). Italian name: Grigioni Romansch name: Grishun French name: Grisons


(Fr. griˈzɔ̃)

a canton in E Switzerland. 185,063; 2747 sq. mi. (7115 sq. km). Cap.: Chur. German, Graubünden.
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Authorities evacuated around 100 people from the village of Bondo and airlifted hikers from nearby huts in the eastern canton of Grisons after rocks and mud hit the area on Wednesday.
It is a man about 1,90m, he is bald and he is believed to be driving a white VW 'Caddy' with a (Swiss) license plate from the canton of Grisons.
Electromechanical design and construction management for the renovation of the radio systems are currently installed in the galleries of the N2 national road in Ticino and in the galleries of national roads N13 and N28 in the canton of Grisons, where it includes the addition of equipment capable of spreading the DAB + (Digital Audio Broadcasting).
The hotel is located in the distinguished tourist destination of Flims Laax Falera in the canton of Grisons, allowing for access to major European cities, including those in Switzerland, Southern Germany, Austria and Italy.
Switzerland's fourth official language, Romansh is spoken by around 34,000 people, mostly residing in small mountain towns in the north-eastern canton of Grisons (better known by its German name, Graubunden).
Among specific topics are indirect measurement in morphological typology, qualitative and quantitative ways of tapping into the multilingual repertoire, underlying parameters and methodological procedures for historical text analysis, experimental methods in psycholinguistics, and the territoriality principle's applicability to the Romansh area in the Swiss canton of Grisons.
Even though the Canton of Grisons has stated that it is considering imposing quotas on the number of lorries going through the San Bernardino tunnel, this possibility is not at present on the agenda.
A police spokesman in the canton of Grisons, Zanin Pierino, said: "She was just unlucky.
Electromechanical planning and construction management for upgrading the current radio system installed in the tunnels of the national road N2 of Canton Ticino and in the tunnels of the national roads N13 and N28 of the canton of Grisons, where the attachment is provided by devices which are capable of the signal spread DAB + (Digital Audio Broadcasting).