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(German ˈtuːrɡau)
(Placename) a canton of NE Switzerland, on Lake Constance: annexed by the confederated Swiss states in 1460. Capital: Frauenfeld. Pop: 229 800 (2002 est). Area: 1007 sq km (389 sq miles). French name: Thurgovie


(ˈtʊər gaʊ)

a canton in NE Switzerland. 223,372; 388 sq. mi. (1005 sq. km). Cap.: Frauenfeld.
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The tax authorities of the Canton of Thurgau is designed integrated into the present application landscape new application "object being".
Much of Maag's life has been about knocking down walls, which helps explain how an ambitious young woman worked her way from the tiny Swiss canton of Thurgau on the German border, to the top rung of XL Insurance, a major global property/ casualty underwriter.
In late 2008, the Zurich police dismantled one of the largest ever cannabis trafficking organizations, including a large marijuana production site hidden in a crop field in the canton of Thurgau.