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(French valɛ)
(Placename) a canton of S Switzerland: includes the entire valley of the upper Rhône and the highest peaks in Switzerland; produces a quarter of Switzerland's hydroelectricity. Capital: Sion. Pop: 281 000 (2002 est). Area: 5231 sq km (2020 sq miles). German name: Wallis



a canton in SW Switzerland. 235,500; 2021 sq. mi. (5235 sq. km). Cap.: Sion.
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Now, a village named Albinen, in the scenic canton of Valais, is planning to offer 25,000 Swiss francs (Dh94,000) per person to live there permanently.
Invitation to tender :The project purpose is to provide a rational and cost-effective solution to equip and manage all our snow removal vehicles SDM and the UTIII and private vehicles under contract to Canton of Valais - DMTE - SDM.
Today, the Swiss Post Office boasts one of the world's most advanced coach fleets, including fuel-cell models and the world's first driverless bus, launched in 2015 in the town of Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais.
The site, located in the Swiss canton of Valais, is the home of DSM Personal Care's natural and organic Alpaflor portfolio.
Shaaban was chosen by a jury panel that included Dar al Mussawir, the Arab Union of Photographers, FDDM, the Swiss Embassy in Beirut, Theatre du Crochetan, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Canton of Valais, and Jean-Paul Felley.
In the framework of the National Research Programme Sustainable Water Management (NRP 61), Rolf Weingartner and the team from the University of Bern investigated the options for sustainable water management strategies to cope with future possibility of water scarcity in the region Crans-Montana-Sierre, Canton of Valais, Switzerland (see box 1, p.
Stoehlke said Blatter had felt faint at an event in his native canton of Valais and "felt that his body was not working as it should be.
To raise the heartbeat further, there's also snowboarding, summer hiking, climbing and water skiing in the stunning canton of Valais.
The Libya-owned energy group said in January it was planning to close the refinery due to "severe market pressures," but the Canton of Valais said it had convinced Tamoil to give a sale one last chance before finalising the closure.
Vienna, Jumada I 2, 1436, Feb 21, 2015, SPA -- Three Italian skiers died after they were swept away by an avalanche in the Swiss Alps on Saturday, police in the canton of Valais said.
The picturesque Swiss village of Daillon lies just south of Wildhorn Mountain in the southern canton of Valais.
Two other people were wounded and hospitalised," said police in the canton of Valais, which borders Italy and France.