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(French valɛ)
(Placename) a canton of S Switzerland: includes the entire valley of the upper Rhône and the highest peaks in Switzerland; produces a quarter of Switzerland's hydroelectricity. Capital: Sion. Pop: 281 000 (2002 est). Area: 5231 sq km (2020 sq miles). German name: Wallis



a canton in SW Switzerland. 235,500; 2021 sq. mi. (5235 sq. km). Cap.: Sion.
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SEIC SA, based in Vernayaz in the Swiss canton of Valais, has acquired the 28% share.
Stoehlke said Blatter had felt faint at an event in his native canton of Valais and "felt that his body was not working as it should be.
We are only two and half hours from Zurich or Geneva, one hour from Lucerne and Montreux and one and a half hours from the canton of Valais or Basel.
Work on the construction of the largest hydroelectric power station project in the canton of Valais is continuing.
Chamoson Ulrichen: approximately 100 km, in the canton of Valais,
Originally from the canton of Valais, Herren received the award for his contribution to pest control research using ecological measures such as "natural enemies" of insects rather than chemical pesticides.
The rate of recession differs widely from place to place, from as little as six meters for the Mont Durand glacier in the canton of Valais to the huge loss at the Surettagletscher.
Another interesting fact: The canton of Valais is Switzerland's largest wine producer, accounting for more than 40 per cent of Swiss wine.
Despite having allegations of corruption and financial mismanagement leveled against him by his rivals, the 66-year-old Blatter comfortably secured a second term on May 28, With 139 votes against Hayatou's 56, the man from the canton of Valais was able to secure the necessary two-thirds of the total ballot required to avoid a second round of voting.
The year was 1855, the place Saxon, located in the canton of Valais.
Saas Grund (1559m) lies in the heart of the Saas Valley in the canton of Valais and can easily be reached by train or automobile.
Although historians credit the Romans with the introduction of the vine to Europe, in the canton of Valais - Switzerland's most important wine canton - the grape has flourished in this sunny protected valley long before Roman time.