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(French valɛ)
(Placename) a canton of S Switzerland: includes the entire valley of the upper Rhône and the highest peaks in Switzerland; produces a quarter of Switzerland's hydroelectricity. Capital: Sion. Pop: 281 000 (2002 est). Area: 5231 sq km (2020 sq miles). German name: Wallis



a canton in SW Switzerland. 235,500; 2021 sq. mi. (5235 sq. km). Cap.: Sion.
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Alstom declared that it has bagged over 9 million in contracts for the modernisation of two hydro plants totalling 420MW in the Canton Glarus and the Canton Valais, Switzerland.
Spichtig is not sure how many waterfalls there are in Switzerland, but he says that many of them are in the sweep of land between south-west Canton Valais and the Rhine Valley.
Another, the "Energieregion Goms" project, is pursuing a vision that would see Goms in the Swiss Canton Valais become one of the first "Energy Regions" in the Swiss Alps, while the "Walserweg" project in Canton Grisons is putting together a range of sustainable tourist services for hikers.
She grew up in the canton Valais, studied political science in Geneva and then ran a book distribution business for 20 years.
Edgard Bovier, who is originally from Canton Valais, was chef de cuisine at the Hotel Ermitage in KE-snacht near Zurich from 1990 to 2004.
DRAMATIC VIEWS: By steam across the Rhone glacier, Canton Valais
The pair, who were both members of a climbing club, were on holiday in the village of Zermatt, in the Canton Valais region of the southern Swiss Alps when the accident happened at about 1.
Alstom has been awarded two contracts worth a total of over 9 million Euros (CHF 11 million) for the modernization of two hydro power plants in the Canton Glarus and the Canton Valais, Switzerland.
Alstom announced that it has secured two contracts for the modernization of two hydro power plants in the Canton Glarus and the Canton Valais, Switzerland.
Renowned for his fine palate and his expertise in all things wine, the 42-year-old from Salgesch in Canton Valais is Switzerland's reigning vintner.
With Swiss Trails, we venture along ancient waterways in Canton Valais and climb impossibly steep terraced vineyards in Canton Vaud.
Close to where the Bernese Oberland meets Canton Valais, an 800-metre tall and impossibly sheer rock face reaches for the sky, overshadowing the snowy valley of Lauterbrunnen below.