Canyon de Chelly

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Can·yon de Chel·ly

 (kăn′yən də shā′)
A canyon in northeast Arizona containing the ruins of spectacular Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings built between ad 350 and 1300.
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Panoramic view of Canyon de Chelly, below, Spider Rock, far left, and a brief stop-off on Route 66, right
The itinerary visits the towering monoliths of Monument Valley and wraps up in mysterious Canyon de Chelly National Monument where a local Navajo guide enlightens guests on the history of the canyon and cultures that thrived here over the centuries.
Enhanced by the inclusion of more than 130 spectacular photographs by Larry Lindahl showcasing remarkable archeological locations ranging from Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and Navajo National Monument, to Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Cedar Mesa National Monument, and many more, "The Ancient Southwest: A Guide to Archaeological Sites" is an ideal itinerary planning resource and would prove a welcome addition to community and academic American Archaeology reference collections.
AFTER YOU SKIRT a hardscrabble section of the Navajo town of Chinle, Canyon de Chelly National Monument--which you can practice pronouncing, Canyon de Shay, on your drive--feels like a red rock paradise.
The collection includes portraits as well as images of weavers, musicians, Canyon de Chelly, Taos Pueblo and Taos cemetery.
A val sta Leaving Goulding's, we took the scenic drive to the Canyon de Chelly, a site of poignant significance to the Navajo.
Late in 1868, the Navaho were set free and allowed to return to reservation land in an area in the Four Corners country near the Canyon de Chelly where the states of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico touch.
Highlights include photographs of Canyon de Chelly by Sandi and Walt O'Brien, 2 p.
More than 50 years after his signature works were taken, and 25 years after his death, Adams' photographs of Canyon de Chelly, Glacier, Grand Tetons, and Yosemite continue to be among the most popular images of our national parks.
Simonds is best known for small-scale clay sculptures of dilapidated brick buildings that recall the ancient cliff dwellings in Arizona's Canyon de Chelly and Peru's Machu Picchu, and are the homes, he says, of nomadic "little people.
Scenic locales like Monument Valley, Mesa Verde and Canyon de Chelly have long been magnets for tourists, photographers and nature lovers.